FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. What is this website about?
This goals of this site is simple:  Help you create the life you love.  As writer, musician, photographer, traveler, and creative entrepreneur, I enjoy freedom and creativity in abundance.  I created this site in order to help others get freedom.

2. How can I make money online?
There’s a plethora of ways to make money online. Basically, making money online requires demonstrating value (offering a product or service or both of these) to an audience who is interested (market) in that product or service.

Earning money online is the intersection of Passion (what you’re excited about doing), Skills (what you’re accomplished at doing), and Market (audience of prospects who have an interest in your product/service.

Your goal is to sell them that product/service.

How do you do that? A number of ways.

Offer massive value for a low price for a limited time.

Offer a freebie (lead magnet) and then add more value with value-driven emails and, every 3rd or 4th or 5th email, offer an upsell product and offer them a discount for a limited time.

There’s a lot of ways to make money online and earn money online.

One way you may be able to make money online is by joining my affiliate program (free to join) and then marketing the e-book bundle. With every sale you get with your affiliate link, you earn about $43.50 a day. Also, I earn $43.50 day. We both earn money together. Takes about 5-to-10 minutes to sign up and it’s free to join. Sign up at: YourOwnPrivateATM.com

Feel free to join my affiliate program and earn about $43.50 a sale.  Free to join.  Let’s make money together.

3. How do I contact you?
Kris Kemp
email: bicycledays@yahoo.com
phone: 347-557-5487 (text is preferred)

4. Who are you?
Hi. I’m a writer, copywriter, musician, photographer, traveler, creative entrepreneur. I specialize in copywriting for sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, and email sequences. Also, I specialize in lead generation. Although I have a variety of interests, they appear to share the common theme of freedom–travel/location freedom, financial freedom, health freedom, creative freedom.

5. How can you help me?
In a number of ways. I can help you:

Lose weight, safely

Learn how to make money flipping properties

Learn how to make money with FBA

Get a full night’s sleep

Lose weight, get a flat stomach, cure any disease, reverse aging

Learn how to build an audience & grow your profits

Discover simple strategies that will bring you fast results

Make money online

Live the laptop lifestyle

Get happy

Discover how to get whatever you want in life

Find great travel deals

Create the life you love

Kris Kemp