Travel Pictures of Bulgaria

Travel Pictures of Bulgaria

Enjoy these travel pictures from Bulgaria, a beautiful country of Europe that offers majestic mountains, stunning beaches, and buzzing city life that hums with life and creativity. For more details about Bulgaria, click here to read Lonely Planet’s take on this mysterious country.

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These travel pictures of Bulgaria, in Europe, were collected from various websites. All of these pictures are royalty-free, copyright-free, license-free, so you can download them and use them as you wish, even for commercial purposes. Share these with your friends on social media using the social media sharing links.

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Bulgaria – a place that’s worth visiting
Bulgaria is a beautiful country in Europe. Although it is a place that is overlooked by many, this is part of what keeps Bulgaria a place that’s worth visiting–it’s a hidden gem. Visit Bulgaria. And only tell your really good friends. 🙂

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Bulgarian traditional salad

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